Programs and Services


Students, ages 3-21 years, may receive services under the IDEA if the student needs special education and related services to benefit from his or her educational program.  A team decides if a student qualifies for services under the individualized education program (IEP) if the student meets federal and state requirements.  The IEP outlines a plan for helping the student  receive a free appropriate public education and meet goals set by the team.  The IEP may include health services for the student during the school day if needed.


Section 504 is a federal law that requires public schools to make adjustments so that students with certain disabilities can learn ad participate in settings like other students who do not have disabilities.  To be eligible for services under Section 504, a student must have a condition that substantially limits one or more major life activities.  A team decides if a student is eligible.  The team should include the student's parent or legal guardian, guidance counselor, a school nurse, and other school staff.  If the student is eligible, the team develops an individual accommodation plan.  The individual accommodation plan explains how the student's needs will be met while at school and may include health services for the student during the school day if needed.


Medical homebound instruction is a service that is available for students who cannot attend school for medical reason even with the aid of transportation.  A physician must certify that the student has such a medical condition, but may benefit from instruction, and must fill out the medical homebound form that the school district provides.  The school district then decides whether to approve the student for medical homebound services.  The school district will consider the severity of the student's illness or injury, the length of time the student will be out of school, the impact that a long period away from school will have on the student's academic success, and whether the student's health needs can be met at school.