Health & Physical Education

Lee County School District Comprehensive Health Committee has approved the use of Making Proud Choices and Safer Choices published by Select Media/ETR for our middle school and high school comprehensive health curriculum. Both of these programs are multi-component, school-based, evidence-based programs designed to prevent HIV, STDs, and pregnancy.

Our primary grades are using Health and Wellness; Publisher - MacMillan/McGraw-Hill.  Discovering Life Skills is also being used as a supplement at our middle school. 

4k thru 3rd grade

4th grade thru 5th grade

6th grade thru 8th grade

9th grade thru 12th grade

Our goal is to help our students become healthy, happy, responsible, and caring adults who are able to deal positively with their sexuality and form strong families of their own in the future.  We believe parents are the foremost human sexuality/family life educators, and the purpose of this information and these resources is to supplement the efforts of parents.  We encourage you to communicate your own values about health, sexuality, and family issues with your children.