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The Lee County Transportation Department strives to provide safe transportation to and from school in a timely manner. School Bus Safety ...It's everyone's concern. 

School buses have proven to be the safest form of transportation in the nation. In Lee County, we transport approximately 1600 students to and from school each day on school buses. During each school year, our buses collectively complete 733,860 miles-- that's 4077 miles per day!
During each school year, we employ 47 drivers on a regular basis. We take great pride in training our bus drivers to be safety-conscious and dependable. Interested individuals desiring to become a certified bus driver may obtain employment information by calling the District’s Transportation Office.

Although our school buses are funded and owned by the state of South Carolina, we coordinate and manage routing of buses and oversee the performance of the bus drivers locally. Buses are used and routed by Lee County School District according to state law and regulation. Maintenance and servicing of the buses is handled by the State Department of Education, Office of Transportation – Lee/Kershaw Bus Shop.

General Information

  • Students can only switch from their assigned bus with a written request from a parent/guardian. The school principal and the transportation director will evaluate each request. If parents request a drop off other than the normal stop, they must make this request in writing with a valid photo ID verification at the transportation office. The new stop location must be within the child’s assigned school zone, must be an already established bus stop and will be approved on a space available basis.
  • Complaints or safety concerns regarding a bus or bus driver should be made to the Transportation Office.
  • The student's school principal will handle all bus referrals. The transportation department does not handle bus referrals.
  • Bus drivers cannot suspend a student from riding the bus. Only the principal of the school the student attends can suspend students from the bus.
  • All students are subject to transportation laws, rules, and regulations from the time they board a school bus until the bus route is completed or until the students arrive at their normal destinations, either home or school.  Click here to view the Safety Procedures and Rules for School Bus Riders.
The Lee County Transportation Department is located at Lee Central Middle School at 41 Charlene Lane, Bishopville, South Carolina, 29010.  Should you have questions or concerns regarding transportation, please contact Transportation Supervisor, Pam Wessinger at (803) 428-2127. 
  • Should a bus arrive at an assigned bus stop for a two week period, and no students board the bus, the bus stop will be deactivated. Should the parents wish to reactivate the bus stop, they will need to contact the Transportation Office and it may take up to four business days to complete the process.

Student Discipline

Student bus-related discipline issues are handled by the school administration. Concerns regarding student bus discipline may be directed to an assistant principal or principal of the school your child attends.  Additional information regarding bus discipline may be received by referencing the transportation section of the District's Code of Student Conduct Handbook.

Family Watch Dog Sex Offender Registry

In compliance with Section 23-3-535 of the South Code of Laws, Lee County School District is providing the following link to the South Carolina Sex Offenders. Securing a comprehensible website for parents, to be able to locate and map registered sex offenders in their area and near bus stops. This is a law that was effective June 16, 2008. The link to this website is as follows: