Office of Student Services

Thanks for visiting our Office of Student Services!
Dear Students and Families,
On behalf of the Office of Student Services, we want to welcome you to another great academic year! We are excited to see our schools filled with students' energy and enthusiasm for learning.
Our office oversees many student programs and services, including counseling, health services, student activities, athletics, transportation, nutrition services, and more. Our goal is to support each student's growth and well-being through these resources.
This year, we are expanding our counseling staff to provide more individualized support. We encourage students to get involved through the diverse academic, arts, and athletic programs available. Please reach out to us if you need help navigating offerings or accessing services.
For parents, we invite you to be active partners in your child's education. Communicate with us to understand your child's successes and challenges. Together, we can provide the best environment for your child to explore passions and unlock his or her potential.
We believe every student should feel welcomed, supported, and empowered. Our caring staff is here to make that happen.
We look forward to serving your family this year!