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LCSD's Legacy Project webpage launched

Lee County School District’s (LCSD) narrative is not unlike that of other establishments. It’s one of many twists and turns, making it quite difficult to provide a succinct account of the various transitions before and after integration. The sensitive nature of the South Carolina educational system and funding disparities along the I-95 Corridor make authentic discourse an even more daunting task. Below is the district’s best attempt at recollecting the events which led up to integration of the public schools in Lee County up to this very day.

Opening Ceremony 2019 - Teachers of the Year

Featured is the 2019-2020 District Teacher of the Year (TOY), Mark Davidson, as well as the TOY from the previous year, Teriann Nash. The district also named its school-level Teachers of the Year at its Opening Ceremony. Each school principal recognized new employees and those earning perfect attendance were also honored.