LCSD names 2019 Teacher of the Year

Lee County School District (LCSD) named its district-level Teacher of the Year as well as those for each school at its Opening Ceremony this week.

Lee Central High School’s (LCHS) science teacher Mark Davidson was named the district Teacher of the Year as well as LCHS’s. The Lee County native earned the master’s plus 30 teacher’s certification from Clemson University in Clemson, S.C., the master’s in secondary education (secondary science) and the bachelor’s in biology from Francis Marion University (FMU) in Florence, S.C. Davidson’s many accomplishments include his being named valedictorian of the Bishopville High School Class of 1981.

When asked what attributes make him a good teacher, Davidson said, “I believe that the main attribute that I have been blessed with is the ability to build relationships. I am honored to have many colleagues and friends in all walks of life and to realize an impactful influence for many students.

Reading Coach Greta Hutcheson of West Lee Elementary School (WLE) was named Teacher of the Year for her school. She earned the bachelor’s in elementary education and the Interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree in art education from Converse College in Spartanburg, S.C.

To the question “What do you feel are the greatest trends and issues facing public education today?” Hutcheson said trust is a big issue. “There must be trust between students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community in order for schools to thrive.”

Kevin Luckey, English and language arts teacher at Lee Central Middle School (LCMS), was named Teacher of the Year for his school. He earned the bachelor’s from Morris College in Sumter, S.C., and the master of education from Jones International University in Centennial, Colo. Luckey said it is his passion for teaching, his firmness and his stance as a life-long learner that makes him a good teacher.

“Teachers must be relevant to their students and make sure real-life applications exist in learning,” he adds.

Capreshia McCall, 5K teacher at Lower Lee Elementary School (LLE), was named Teacher of the Year for her school. She earned the bachelor’s in early childhood education from FMU and the master’s in curriculum and instruction (reading and literacy) from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Ariz.

A flexible teaching style is what McCall says makes her a standout. “I set high expectations while reassuring them that it is ok to take risks and make mistakes.” 

First Grade Teacher Tracey Tate is the Teacher of the Year for Dennis Elementary School (DES). Tate received her undergraduate degree from Benedict College in Columbia, S.C. in early childhood education and the master’s from FMU. Tate serves as a tutor to help struggling learners in her community and in the classroom utilizing cooperative learning.

“In cooperative learning groups, each person has a chance to offer something of importance and can learn from their peers,” said Tate.

Perfect attendance employees were also recognized at the Opening Session. They are as follows: Mary Arthur, Verna Vanessa Bostic and Cheronda Scarborough of DES; Gwendolyn Frederick, Barbara Jackson and Charlesena King of LLE; Ella Wilson of WLE; Roslyn McElveen from LCMS; Anjennette James, Teriann Nash, Virginia Rogers and Lurma Swinney of LCHS; and Mary Boykin, Dayatra Kelly, Keyon Thomas and Walter Salter of the Transportation Department.