LCSD’s parent group meeting features Derrick Bull & Remnant

The Lee County School District (LCSD) Parent Advisory Council (PAC) will host its next meeting on Monday, Sept. 23 at 5:30 p.m. Derrick Bull & Remnant of Darlington, S.C. are the featured guests. 

The district is bringing back the “Spoken Word” in response to a recent survey conducted by the PAC. Rather than its typical concert-style musicality, the group will share facets of the celebrated tradition of hymn-lining and its beginnings as the word spoken. Bull will also share the impact of the spoken word in the lives of slaves in America. When aptly applied and oftentimes when set to music, it led first to connectivity and then to freedom.

When Bull began his pursuit to assemble the most gifted singers from his hometown to help encourage people through song, it was the beginning of a journey that today has propelled him to a position of musical visionary. For nearly his entire life, the Darlington native has been striving to create a spiritual difference, consistently pressing to capture the minds of young people through sincerity and song. He has soared from being a director of the choir at his home church as a child, to one of the most sought after psalmist in the state, emerging as the founder of the group, Minister Derrick Bull & Remnant.

Angela Crosland, LCSD Title 1 Parent Liaison/Public Relations, says the goal in inviting Derrick Bull & Remnant is to broaden the foundational skills of families to employ for a lifetime. When parent-child relationships are strengthened, so too is the educational process, she says. The art of hymn-lining combines two of the most established pastimes of all families: spoken communication and song. 

“We can think of no more expedient or effective way to fulfill this than to have Derrick and Remnant share family values and undergird and encourage the efforts of those in attendance by way of the celebrated tradition of hymn-lining,” says Crosland. “A great mentor once told me the illumination of any matter can be traced to its foundation. The community is invited to join us as we look back to move forward.”

The meeting will be held at the District Office at 310 Roland Street in Bishopville and is free and open to the public. Food will be served. To RSVP, call 803.484.5327.

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