LCSD’s Crosland authors culture and branding book

Lee County School District’s (LCSD) Title I Parent Liaison and Public Relations Administrator’s book, “A Garden Worth Planting: The Handbook on Corporate Evangelism” was released this month.

The book is a culmination of the research she’s gathered over the years as the owner and operator of her cultural positioning and branding consulting firm, ARC. Since 2007, Crosland has assisted organizations and thought leaders with increasing employee and individual commitment. “A Garden Worth Planting: The Handbook on Corporate Evangelism,” is ARC’s effort to impart tried and true methods for realizing the ideal work and worship spaces.

“Cultural environments which regard employees highly and encourage leadership from everyone within the organization make recruitment and marketing endeavors effortless,” says Crosland. “People want to be a ‘part’ because they are a ‘part’.”

She adds that evangelism in any setting is the reporting of an organization’s good news.

“A sharing of the good news to enlighten individuals of their contribution to the whole is the impetus for which this book was written,” says Crosland. “There is a leading, a guiding, if you will, from mere gratitude and pride, that is far more effective and sustainable than intimidation could ever be."

This bodes well for Crosland in her current station with the district which necessitates that she lead efforts to bridge the gap between home and school in addition to sharing the district’s story through various mediums. She assists parents with obtaining the information and support they need to ensure their child’s academic and social success. 

Before making her way to LCSD, in addition to heading ARC, Crosland was responsible for constituent engagement for Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, leading communication efforts for a development campaign worth millions. Prior to that, she served as the editor and director of communications at Francis Marion University (FMU) for nearly a decade; as an education advocate with the S.C. School Boards Association; and as a journalist for a major media conglomerate and for the U.S. Army National Guard.

While working as an educator, Crosland invested nights teaching newswriting and English at FMU, Coker University and Florence-Darlington Technical College.

She holds the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Administration and the B.A. in Media Arts. Crosland’s passion in the area of cultural diversity earned her awards in the field and has led to additional studies of world religions. Moreover, she has authored a book on evangelism and its cultural implications.

She is the mother of Daniel James II, who is a student of The School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University.