LCSD Legacy Project: A glance up to move forward

Lee County School District (LCSD) is seeking education history stories and other information from its citizenry to help illustrate the strides made in the area of public education as part of the year’s theme, “Relationships.”

It has been said that the education of a people in a community can drastically alter the quality of life. It has also been said that in order to anticipate the future, one must look to the past. As such, LCSD is launching the initiative, “The Lee County School District Legacy Project: A Glance Up to Move Forward” to better record the history of education in Lee County.

The Lee County Public Library has provided glimpses into the establishment of education and facilities in their “Lee County, South Carolina Past and Present” series. To gain additional information, the district is looking to the community.

This is yet another opportunity for educators to celebrate the heritage of the district and its schools by providing dates of establishment; locations of the original facilities; and founding leadership of each. In addition, there are stories that have been passed down from previous generations that the district won’t have without community input. District staff would also like the names and phone numbers of some of the oldest living educators in the county. 

There is a link on the website for submitting stories. Information may also be emailed to or offered by phone at 803.484.5327. The project is ongoing.

The Official Page for The Legacy Project