Call Me Mister Recruitment Showcase


The Lee County School District initiated a pilot pre-CMM (Call Me Mister) feeder program in partnership with USC Sumter, USC Aiken, Morris College, and Clemson University.  The feeder program includes elementary, middle, and high school students. Our pre-CMM participants attended the Spring 2024 Call Me Mister recruitment showcase on Friday, March 8, 2024.  The event took place on the campus of USC-Sumter.  I have attached pictures.
Ty'Maire Ford, a 4th-grade student at West Lee Elementary School, stood on stage at the event and proclaimed to the audience that he wanted to be a teacher when he grew up. Dr. Cornelius Leach, who spearheads the Call Me Mister Program at Morris College, made a visit to West Lee Elementary School to present Ty'Maire with a special gift for his boldness, behavior, positive attitude, and for having vision for his future. 

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