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Certificate Renewal Guidelines

All continuing contract teachers must receive a comprehensive evaluation during their year of recertification, or every five years, whichever is sooner. Most continuing contract teachers recertify every five years; their comprehensive evaluations will occur at least once every five years in the year of recertification, or more frequently at the discretion of the supervisor.

National Board Certified teachers must receive comprehensive evaluations at least once every five years, even if their South Carolina recertification is less frequent.

Certificate Renewal Guidelines

The certificate renewal system for renewing an educator’s certificate permits the certificate holder to develop an individual plan that will contribute to and guide his or her continued learning and growth as an educator. The integrity of this system is based upon the conviction that all license holders accept the responsibility and are committed to continual planning and completion of professional development activities leading to self-improvement.

Pre-Approved Renewal Course Providers

The following providers offer pre-approved coursework that meet the requirements of either Option 1 or 2 in the renewal credit matrix:


Coursework Pre-Approval

At this time, SCDE does not offer course approvals via phone call or email. For formal course approval, please submit a detailed course description, including the name of the college or university, along with the Request for Change/Action Form. Upon receipt, the course(s) will be evaluated by a certification analyst and correspondence will be mailed to you regarding the results.